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The Topic of Animal Transportation Explained

Animal Transportation, sometimes called animal transportation, is the intentional moving of an animal by private transfer. Common categories of commonly moved animals that are transported include animals destined for meat production; zoo animals; laboratory animals; farm animals; race horses; and wild animals being reintroduced or relocate. Animal transportation may be done on a public highway,Continue reading “The Topic of Animal Transportation Explained”

How to Transport a Pet and Where to Transport Them

The transportation of animals is essentially the intentional moving of living creatures by means of transport. Commonly classified categories of living animals that are frequently transported include zoo and farm animals; livestock destined for meat production; lab animals; race horses; exotic animals; and wild animals occasionally found in zoos or farms. Livestock is generally transportedContinue reading “How to Transport a Pet and Where to Transport Them”

The Growing Travel Demand for Animal Transportation Services

The transportation of animals is the deliberate movement of an animal by means of a commercial transportation carrier. Common categories of animals that are transported commercially include livestock intended for meat production, game animals, and laboratory animals; zoo animals; raccoons; wild cats; dogs; rodents; exotic birds; fish; birds; and seals. In the United States, theContinue reading “The Growing Travel Demand for Animal Transportation Services”

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